A bedroom makeover on a budget

You could be bored by your bed; the colours of the room or when you need to add some pop to make it lively. You could be getting wild ideas from expensive magazines, but you have a small budget. we have some tips that can redecorate your bedroom without straining your finances. They include:


A fresh coat of paint

Paint is essential to determine the outlook of the room, so you can consider adding a new coating of the colour of paint you desire. It will give you best upgrade on a small budget. Buy brushes, a gallon of paint and rollers from the moderately priced brands. Painting is a simple task that you can do yourself to save the money you could spend by hiring a professional. Whether you choose white, red, neutral or bright colours, you will get a colour that appeals to you without hurting your bank account.


Makeover your bed

The bed is the centre stage of the entire bedroom; make it stand out and attractive. With a strained budget, it is apparent that you cannot manage to buy the best brands, but you can get beautiful beddings from the stores downtown. Choose linens that can give a statement, like a cozy comforter, a brightly coloured bedcover or something that adds life to the general outlook of the bed.


Light up the room with an elegant lamp

You shouldn’t get stuck with a boring lamp on your bedside when you could get beautiful ones from high-end stores at discounted prices. If the base of your lampshade is still attractive, consider changing only the lampshade. You can buy a bold, bright colour with an appealing texture and avoid a pale plain colour.


Get a spring for new hardware

You can get a screwdriver to upgrade the furniture in your bedroom. Change old knobs, and the drawer pulls and fix them with the updated versions of the elegant rustic metal, a ceramic that is hand –painted, glass, sleek chrome or wood that is well polished. You can visit home centres to shop for modern furniture that will not strain your budget.


Keep growing

A plant pot or a few of them can do so much for your room. It will add life, texture and colour to the room. You do not need to buy the expensive flower pots from the professional décor companies. You can use a beautiful bowl and convert it into a flower pot. You can refurbish it by painting it with a soothing colour of your choice. Your room will have a refreshing and welcoming look.



There are various ways that you can result to upgrade your bedroom and maintain your minimal budget. Do not forget that your floor also matters. You can look at what you can add to spruce it a little. You can get a bedroom rug to add colour and make your room interesting.


Try to get the new stuff you need from the reasonably priced stores. You can still get quality materials and maintain your budget.