Useful Tips for Roof Repair

A roof is a vital part of a building which mostly acts as a shelter, from weather and other threats. Any damage in the roof often leads to leakages, which in turn forms a stain in the wall or ceiling nearby the leakage. For the slanted roof, the leakage may appear at a considerable distance from the stains, but for the case of a flat roof, the damage may be near the stain spots.


Roofing is a daunting task and can consume a lot of time. It is advisable to get a qualified contractor who can handle the work for you at a small fee if you are not able to do it yourself. Repairing the roof shouldn’t cost too much, and it’s advisable to compare the cost of repair with the price of installing a new roof and then make a decision. There are many areas of the roof that demands repair and maintenance, but there are cases where it is more advisable to get a new roof instead.


The roof shingles should not be placed directly on the wood

Always put your roof shingles on the underlying wood directly. Try as possible to keep the roof watertight since it helps you a lot in insulation. In areas that snows and rains, using a protective covering that is made from insulating material will help keep the ice and water out. By doing so, it will maintain the shingles for a more extended period.


The Gutter

Check the gutter before repairing or replacing a roof. These are areas that can be jammed with leaves and debris and may make it hard for water to run off your roof. Make sure you clean the gutters as thoroughly as possible to eliminate any clogs.


Roof Leaks

Certain leaks may not be detectable for months to come until such a time when water starts trickling through your attic. Trying to locate the source of the leak can be a daunting task as well. An excellent tip to determine the leaking area is to do a water test when the weather is dry. All you need is one person in the attic with a bucket and flashlight while the other person climbs on the roof with a water hose. The person inside the attic will have to check for leaking signs when the other person hoses the roof.


After locating the leak, you can try to fix it temporarily and then get a roofer to inspect and give a professional diagnosis. The fastest way to fix such leak is by getting a metal sheeting piece and placing it under the leaking shingle. Replace the rubber seals if the leak is in the piping and air vents. Typically, such leaks are easy to locate and you can get a faster solution. This is another crucial area that is worth checking when you are repairing or replacing a roof.


Last but not least, it is essential to identify the type of damage before repairing it yourself and professionals should be consulted if there are any severe damages.